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Zesto Ice Cream

Awarded On May 2021

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No matter what you decide to do during your visit to Fort Wayne, Zesto Ice Cream has to be on your list. A Fort Wayne favorite for 50 years and counting, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an ice cream experience like the one Zesto ensures you’ll have. Locally owned and operated, Zesto is open for seven of the warmest months of the year. When the “Open” sign flickers to life, the locals know summer is on its way!

Although you’ll be tempted to order a dozen ice cream varieties, if you’re trying to narrow it down, Zesto is famous for their Razzle-flavored treats (think a locally-created Dairy Queen blizzard!), their Boston coolers, and any creation with their secret soft serve recipe. You’ll never find a soft-serve like Zesto’s soft serve!

Any topping you order for your ice cream creation will be mixed in-house and never anything less than delicious. The possibilities are endless, but satisfaction is always guaranteed. The service at Zesto’s is some of the best in Fort Wayne. They go above and beyond (and beyond still) to ensure your experience is top-notch. They’re a Fort Wayne favorite for a reason, and this is one of many!


Can I only get ice cream at Zesto? Nope! You can order a variety of treats, such as yogurt, slushes, and shakes. Zesto also offers hot lunch combos.

How many locations are there? Zesto currently has a total of eight locations spread throughout Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. The original location can be found at 2225 Broadway in Fort Wayne.