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Top Local Best Fort wayne Breweries

Finding the top local best breweries in Fort Wayne, Indiana according to locals

Fort Wayne has quickly become a hot-spot for brewing. With over 20 local craft breweries, Fort Wayne has some of the best, most inventive beers in Northern Indiana. From bold IPAs to a variety of seasonal porters and stouts, this list is sure to keep you inspired!

How many breweries are there in Fort Wayne?

Across Indiana, there are over 150 craft breweries and over 20 to check out in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So you are spoiled for choice when it comes to beer and breweries.

Beer is the beverage of Fort Wayne. Because it is near Indianapolis, and Chicago, Fort Wayne has drinkers in both those major markets looking for a cool place to grab a pint on their road trip.

What is the oldest brewery in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Fort Wayne, Indiana, has a long and colorful beer history which began in 1853 when Herman Hartman’s brewery was first opened to the public. By the 1850s, breweries began springing up around the city.

The Summit City Brewery expanded rapidly in 1868, producing 2,500 barrels per year. The brewery was originally opened as The Phenning Brewery in 1853 on the east side of town near Harrison Street.

Stone Brewery and Malt House was another key brewery operating in Fort Wayne until 1859. Originally it operated as the “Ale and Lager Beer Brewery” and was founded by Herman Nierman, who immigrated from Munster, Germany.

Falstaff Brewing was originally a St. Louis brewing company founded in 1838 by John Adam Lemp. Lemp owned and operated The Lemp Brewery Company until 1921. This led to the assignment of branding to the new owners, Griesedieck Beverage Company. Griesedieck Beverage was rebranded as the Fallstaff Corporation which sold soda during the Prohibition.

Falstaff Brewing Corporation opened a Fort Wayne location in 1954 after Falstaff bought the Berghoff Brewing Company. The company made 1.2 million barrels every year at the Fort Wayne location and it eventually became the headquarters location. In the early 1990s Falstaff became the property of Pabst.

by Julie Larame

Updated October 26, 2021